In June of 1997, a group of seven committed persons sought to establish an African Methodist Episcopal Church in the South Bay area. Led by the Holy Spirit, and under the dynamic leadership of Rev. Sherman A. Gordon, these committed persons conducted an intense demographic survey, researching approximately fifteen cities to find the best and most suitable location to organize the church. Receiving support from their bishop and presiding elder, this group was approved as the newest addition to the connectional A.M.E. church in August 1997, with Carson designated as the city foundation.

Through diligent workers, community walks, surveys and spirit-filled worship services, this church grew in membership from its original seven to approximately 300 members in its first month of existence.  Today it continues to grow both numerically and spiritually.

New Philadelphia takes great pride in its accomplishments, none of which could have been possible without the grace of God Almighty.  The membership of New Philadelphia consist of a rich diversity of individuals whose wealth of resources and God given talents have served to bless the church and the community at large. With the help of God, New Philadelphia aspires to use the gifts that He has so freely given, along with the multiple professional, cultural and social resources within its membership, to develop programs and provide services that will address communal needs and desires for years to come.